New models of Arts management

“In some cases, it’s both essential and more streamlined to separate the management of infrastructure from artistic specialisations. One can outsource artistic programming to a specialist company or mint, say a distribution, production or management company.
The direct managment of infraestructure togetherwith the outsources of artistic programming is what's known as mixed management”
. Jaume Colomer

Following Colomer’s theory as arts management expertise, laClac has managed the following areas:

- Programming: Effective use of the venue to build public affinity with coherent series of quality events.
- Audience: Development of an attractive program education and information.
- Staff: Provision of technical and support workers.
- Venue Modification and maintenance: All back and front of support.
- Financial administration: Sales, Ticketing and management of financial relationship with companies, patrons and grant agencies.
- Promotion and branding: Development of social media and web presence, media and effective networking.

From school to the theater: The Brenes Town Musicians

Theater Programming: Sindrome Clown

From school to the theater: Maluka Peka

Our work & Bio

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