Who are those geniuses?

The first time I heard the orchestra in 2008, I was dumbstruck. After 20 years in Spain, I had left the Buenos Aires scene behind. As a tango lover from birth, I was shocked to discover a new wave of tango, not just the dance but singing it, feeling it, living it.
From that moment, I devoured their videos online and when I started to work in theatre production I contacted them immediately.

Jump ahead one year later and our collaboration arose through their tour of Spain in 2010.
I would be filled with joy if I could relive the moment of Chino Laborde´s first evening rehearsal in the immense Auditorium of Palma de Mallorca sitting only a few metres away from him on the stage.


Radical 12-piece Tango orchestra Fernández Fierro has revolutionised the traditional Tango scene with its dramatic, violent sounds, ferocious energy and flamboyant staging.
Fiercely independent, the group even maintains an online radio station and manages its own club in Buenos Aries – the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro.


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We´re working on the translation to English.
There are more info in Spanish here.

+ info en su web fernandezfierro.com