The dancer in the rain

When I met Mauricio Wainrot in a meeting at the San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires, I couldn’t have imagined that it would be on its stage. The very stage that I had watched transfixed from the stalls, over the many times that I had visited Buenos Aires since the 1980s.
At that first meeting, we agreed on the framework we’d follow for the return tour of the company to Spain -its first tour there after 20 years.
I accepted this huge challenge, of course, but when I arrived at the rehearsal they were running late and I had to wait.
Sitting alone in the 1,000-seat venue I watched the company’s rehearsal, dancing for me alone. I wouldn’t remember any of their faces until a year later.
As the rehearsal and meeting finished up I walked out to the torrential rain of Buenos Aires and took shelter under the scaffolding that covered the theatre, and began to digest everything that had just happened. Suddenly at my side appeared one the dancers who paused a moment, opened his umbrella and disdappeared into the crowded street.
I lost sight of him straight away, but in those few seconds while he was at my side I made a decision and I began to fully take on board- “I’m going to take you to Spain, I’m going to bring this company to Spain”.

"The 8 seasons" was a success.
The full house and standing ovation on the opening night at the Maestranza Opera House in Seville was repeated across the country.
But it was only at breakfast with the company the next morning after opening night as I looked for the face of the ‘dancer in the rain’, that I got to my feet and explained for the first time that decisive moment in Buenos Aires.

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