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Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux [Full]

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My dream, my obsession

The first time I saw the choreography of Mauricio Wainrot was in the Grand Theatre of the National Opera House in Bordeaux in 2010, months after we had begun our collaboration.
The work was performed by the Ballet de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux, together with the Opera choir and the National Orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine directed by Dominic Wheeler.
I was completely floored.
Immediately I thought we should take the piece to Spain- what a dream!
At that time I was working on my first tour with the Contemporary Dance Company of the San Martin Theatre of Buenos Aires on their production the “The 8 seasons” based on music by Vivaldi and Piazzolla.
This outstanding success would a year and a half later open the doors to our following production of ‘The Messiah’.

The second time I saw Wainrot’s work was the following year in another impressive production at Stockholm’s Opera House in a sublime interpretation by the Kungliga Balleten accompanied by the Kungliga Operans Kor directed by Folke Alin and Christina Hörnell and the Kungliga Hovkapellet directed by Rossen Milanov.
I repeat, sublime. Perhaps in that snowy January in beautiful Stockholm my dream became an obsession.

In October 2014, after two years hard work and redefining moments that enabled me to collaborate with world’s most outstanding figure of ballet Julio Bocca, the current artistic director the BNS of Uruguay, “The Messiah” premiered in Spain.
An unprecedented success for the SODRE and for Wainrot himself, The Messiah was sold out across Spain, including the Teatros del Canal in Madrid where it was accompanied by the Chorus and Orchestra Verum directed by Manuel Coves.

Dreams can become reality, and obsessions can be satisfied.

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