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We came across ‘Hands’, a work by Gustavo Montes, i n a 2006 publication of the Scriptwriters Association of ‘Monologue Marathon’. This was during a theatre workshop run by Nela Pensado, a student of the highly regarded Argentinian director Pablo Messiez. From the first moment we were drawn into the work’s dramatic structure and way of weaving the painful reality of domestic violence through the evocation of the disturbing everyday life of the perpetrator. Removed from the conventional dichotomy of victim- abuser – we the audience are left to judge the behaviour of the protagonist.

Our project

During the elaboration of the work, we saw how the text interwove the way the audience interpreted the message of the work – in ways quite opposite to how it was transmitted. In our adaptation of ‘Hands’ over three scenes, we encounter three distinct versions of the same text offering the public varying perspectives from which to reflect on an uncomfortable reality. One of the aims of theatre is to show us truth- although it may not be agreeable.

Is there always a brute behind every abuser?


Manos premiered in the II International Theatre Festival "Solo tu", Cantabria. April 2016.
Madrid premiere was in the II Social Theatre Festival "Con-vivencias" at the Sala Umbral de Primavera where was performed in June and July 2016.
Also participed in the I Micro Teatro Festival, San Blas-Canillejas, Madrid. June 2016

II International Theatre Festival "Solo tu" [Full review]


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