"I only know one way to work, to work with passion.

The different ventures that I have carried out throughout my professional life have allowed me to develop my natural skills for communication, leadership, creativity and, as a descendant of European traders, I have learned to apply this knowledge and experience to the sucess of new business projects.

I feel strongly that my passion follows my vision.
Without vision, in its deepest meaning, there is no project at all".

More about me:
My relationship with theatre goes back 35 years when I started my studies in dramatic arts at Escuela Municipal de Teatro, Buenos Aires. After this beginning, I did postgraduate courses of makeup, speech, singing, history of theatre, staging, lighting, mime, body language, and Information sciences.
More recently I have undertaking courses arts management, theatrical marketing, Theatre management, amount others.

Also I´ve participated in numerous professional forums:
The current situation in the Arts sector, New models of public private Arts management, and Organization and production of cultural events.
Through my role as a distributor and producer of theatre I have built strong relationships and network with a wide range of official arts management bodies, leading technical professionals including lighting, sound, staging, makeup and others.

I´ve also worked closely with significant business in the sector as well as numerous directors, companies and artists across of the disciplines of theatre arts.

In recent years I been part of important cultural events in the arts community in Spain, including The theatre festival of Castilla León; The theatre festival of Palma del Río; The theatre festival of Castilla La Mancha; The theatre festival of Puerto de Sta. María; The theatre festival of Madrid [MADFeria]; Dferia País Vasco; FETEN, Gijón; Mercartes; the International festival of Theatre and Dance of Huesca; the Ibero-american Festival of Theatre [FIT] in Cádiz; or Festival Santiago a Mil Stgo. de Chile and Forum “Encuentros para la Danza” Montevideo, Uruguay, building and maintaining active and diverse networks at the national and international level.

My role as tour director and executive producer of international renowned companies has meant the realization of productions across Spain at the most important public venues including Maestranza or Liceo Theatre, for example, and significant cultural festival such as Madrid en Danza or prestigious Temporada Alta.

We are a company of Arts management specialized in the Distribution and production of dance companies.
We have worked with big and important companies, among them, the success of the tours in Spain of the BCTSM of Argentina and the SODRE of Uruguay.
Special mention also our work in the global management of TMG, Municipal Theatre of Gelves [Seville] and the general production of several Scenic Arts festivals.

2010. Tour of OTTF in Balearics.
2011. Spanish tour of Contemporary Dance Company of the San Martin Theatre of Buenos Aires. Directed by Mauricio Wainrot.
2011-12. Global Management Municipal theatre TMG.
2012. Global production "Brief reharsel of Love" Manuela Nogales Dance Company.
2013. Global production Iberae festival, 1st edition as FitMadrid.
2014. 1st. Spanish tour of SODRE, National Ballet of Uruguay. Directed by Julio Bocca.
2014. Global production Iberae festival, 2nd. edition.
2015-2016. Global production "Manos" Viterbo Theatre Company. Selected to participate in:
- II International Theatre Festival "Solo tu", Cantabria. April 2016.
- II Social Theatre Festival "Con-vivencias", Madrid. June 2016.


clacArts Management
81 Queens Road
[3004] Melbourne, Australia

+61 0490666858 info@clacart.com

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